Using Learning and Career Development as the Driver for Employee Motivation

Motivation was once defined as a way of making people work, when they had rather avoid it. Most of the popular motivation theories were based on the assumption that people had to be offered an incentive for working. In the knowledge economy, where work is often its own reward, this narrow perspective of motivation has lost its relevance. In this context, organizations have begun to explore the prospects of offering learning-based incentives.

Many organizations maintain a Personal Learning Portfolio for each of its members. Individuals are encouraged to maintain records of their achievements, performance assessments and learning aspirations. The management in turn supports them by offering appropriate training opportunities whenever possible.

Source: BestPrax Insight – Employee Learning and Motivation

The BestPrax Club recognizes the “Personal Learning Portfolio” as a PowerPrax™.
A PowerPrax™ is a managerial practice that is so innovative that it has changed the rules of the game, resulting in huge gains for the organization.
Have you witnessed a potential PowerPrax™ in action in your organization, or elsewhere? If yes, we would like to hear about it.

It’s the constant effort of the BestPrax Blog team to bring to its readers best practices from around the globe. Your feedback and comments will be highly valued.

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