Using Web-Based Tools to Observe the “Behavior” of Customers

MIT’s Ely Dahan and John Hauser first used the term “virtual customer” in their paper to describe the set of six web-based tools that could be the future “Voice of the Customer”. These tools enable marketers to observe the “behavior” of virtual customers with the characteristics of the target segments, and thus gain insights into their preferences, purchase patterns etc. The techniques rely on enhanced versions of traditional methods like conjoint analysis to understand and anticipate consumer behavior.

“With this rapid communication it is now theoretically possible to gather sophisticated market information in a few days rather than the 4-6 weeks that are typical with traditional methods. For example, we completed a user design study of over 300 respondents over a weekend.” – Ely Dahan and John R. Hauser.

Source: BestPrax Insight – Identifying Customer Groups and Market Segments

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