Shifting Loyalties

“You are lucky,” Suresh Lulla said. “You shared a roundtable with some of the best leaders and management minds from Indian industry.”

I couldn’t agree more. Not everyday do you get the opportunity to be seated with the who’s who of Indian industry. Looking closely, I realized that the last BestPrax Roundtable on “Legal v/s Ethical Behavior” had 12 participants who easily had a sum of more than 300 years of thorough bred management experience amongst themselves. The room had an aura of knowledge. I was enlightened and tried to soak it all in.

There were some real gems. Like this one from Walter Vieira (at his humorous best)

“You know when I started working, my first loyalty was to the boss, sometimes boss’ wife, which was followed by the loyalty to the company, loyalty to myself, and if there was some time left, then loyalty to the assignment, which was what I was paid for in the first place. Now that has all changed. Now the first loyalty is to yourself, then to the assignment, then to the company and then to the boss. If you are too loyal to the boss—since he changes more jobs than you—he will leave you orphaned. So there is nothing wrong with changing loyalties, but it is our business to bring our young people to realize that the biggest loyalty to the self would be in terms of self-improvement and constant learning. There is nothing wrong in being selfish in this aspect. So we’ll have to somehow change the current situation through mentoring, writing, guiding and putting our minds together to find out how this can be done both in the industry as well as the government.”

Participants of the Roundtable

(L to R) – Walter Vieira, Director – Marketing, BestPrax Club; Raghunandan D. Maluste, Senior Vice President, Kotak Mahindra Bank; Judhajit Das, Senior Vice President and Head – HR, ICICI Prudential; Girish Koliyote, Company Secretary, HDFC Limited

Participants of the Roundtable

(L to R) Jehangir Ardeshir, President, Business Improvement, Tata Teleservices; Suresh Lulla, Founder & CEO, BestPrax Club; Nelum P Gidwani, Director-Finance, BestPrax Club; Col. (Retd.) Raj K Kalra, Head, ACES, ABN Amro; Deepak Ahluwalia, Manager, Human Resources, Mahindra Gesco Developers

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