Knowledge Organizations – Innovating for the Workforce

Have knowledge organizations changed the landscape of today’s workforce? And have they brought in an unprecedented change in the workforce order?

Let’s examine this closer – walk into the hallways of any knowledge organization, and you are likely to find yourself in the midst of a very diverse pool comprising of people from all parts of the nation, more women and more representation of disabled employees. This probably stems from the fact that organizations in the sector are increasingly moving towards a system of benchmarking themselves against socially relevant goals – such as workforce diversity and inclusiveness – all of which make for sound business sense.

Take the instance of Infosys and its support network for women employees – Infosys Women Inclusivity Network (IWIN). The network provides a forum for the organization’s women employees to bring forth and address their unique aspirations with the management. The program has enhanced the organization’s ability to create a flexible, responsive and gender-sensitive working environment, and has paved the way for initiatives such as the All Women Facility – a city based office in Bangalore for the organization’s expecting and young mothers.

Needless to mention that such initiatives have helped the organization reap significant benefits in today’s competitive talent landscape – such as a highly integrated workforce (with women constituting 30% of the workforce) and effective management of employee attrition, which at less than 12% is significantly less than the industry average of 16%.

Clearly the secret recipe for success in today’s business scenario is all about being innovative – wouldn’t you agree?

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One Comment on “Knowledge Organizations – Innovating for the Workforce”

  1. LPSom Says:

    I was quite delighted to read your observations on the innovative workforce practices being fostered by knowledge organizations today. Organizations today are cognizant of the benefits that diversity in talent and equitable gender-mix bring. Most organizations understand the need to encourage and groom women employees into leaders, as they bring in distinctive skills such as focus and inclusiveness. And the integration of disabled employees into the workforce allows organizations to re-affirm their respect for differences and value for merit, and also benefit from the unique skills they bring.
    Aside from Infosys, other organizations in the knowledge sector – such as Mind Tree Consulting, Cognizant Technologies, Biocon and TCS have fostered practices in support of their employee needs. And today they are gaining that distinctive people edge – such as higher employee retention and better levels of engagement. This directly translates into improved performance and better results for the company.
    Little wonder then that knowledge sector stocks are the hottest in the market today!!

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