Automotive Paint Company’s Green Path to Customer Delight

You can safely claim to have arrived as an organization when your customers proclaim that their relationship with you is the perfect partnership. BASF Coatings (India), a leading provider of automotive and industrial coatings, recently won the Ford Q1 award, Ford Motor Company’s prestigious recognition for suppliers who consistently deliver outstanding results in quality, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

BASF is the first paint manufacturing company in India to receive the award, which is based on rigorous assessment of a firm’s quality systems as well as several other criteria including communication, teamwork and strategic alignment. A noteworthy example of the harmony between Ford and BASF is the creation of the sensational new automotive color, “Brushed Steel”, which BASF specially formulated for Ford’s Indian market. Another delighted BASF customer is Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer, who handpicked the company’s eco-friendly “Glasurit” as its official refinish paint.

It is one thing to declare customer delight as your primary objective, and another to actually attain it in tangible terms. So how does BASF manage to do it repeatedly in an industry that is equally competitive and controversial? To answer this, you needn’t look beyond the group’s four-pronged strategy for value-adding growth. The strategy has four objectives or “guidelines” – earning a premium on cost of capital, helping customers to be more successful, forming the best team in the industry and ensuring sustainable development. BASF deploys the strategy through a combination of measures like rapid acquisition and integration of firms, restructuring, research and development, market-driven innovation and most importantly, a strong commitment to the environment.

So that’s one more case in favor of a well-formulated, well-rounded and well-deployed strategy that is based on complementary – rather than mutually exclusive – strategic objectives.

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