Beyond Megawatts – NTPC harnesses People Power

Glancing through the previous posts in this blog, I couldn’t help noticing that all organizations featured so far have one thing in common – they have broken norms, exceeded set standards and in short, made the impossible possible. Not surprising, really, in a blog dedicated to the best practices of world-class organizations. So, our protagonist this time is an organization that can be considered a corporate oxymoron – an Indian public sector company that has repeatedly been voted as one of the best places to work for! National Thermal Power Corporation, India’s largest power company, has not only topped workplace surveys every year, but also won several awards for corporate citizenship, governance and environment-friendly measures.

NTPC seems to be truly committed to its tagline, “Generating smiles beyond megawatts”, applying it not only to external stakeholders but also to its 23,500 employees. The company’s HR strategy, which is closely aligned to NTPC’s overall strategy, has four focus areas – Competence, Commitment, Culture and Systems. Apart from an elaborate one-year induction and training program for new employees, NTPC has also put in place a formal mentoring system through which senior executives facilitate the new recruit’s integration into the organizational fabric. Training is in fact the soul of NTPC’s competence building initiatives – the company has 15 project training centers, 2 simulator training centers and a Power Management Center for senior management training.

True to the spirit of a learning organization, NTPC has launched several events to nurture creativity and innovation. In the annual Open Competition for Executive Talent, teams are judged on the basis of oral and written presentations on work-related themes. Quality Circles have been institutionalized, and “professional circles” in each department meet every fortnight to brainstorm on specific issues and share their insights and experience.  The company’s comprehensive talent recognition system uses a combination of monetary incentives and other rewards to celebrate individual and team achievements. The NTPC Development Centers are dedicated to mapping the current and potential competencies of employees and helping them to enhance their capabilities. NTPC also has many programs which propagate the vision and core values of the company across all employee levels.

The organization’s commitment to nurturing its employees has helped create a highly competent and committed workforce with a strong sense of belonging. For those who are not impressed by awards and accolades, here is a more “solid” metric – NTPC has an attrition rate of 0.17% – one of the lowest among Indian companies.

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3 Comments on “Beyond Megawatts – NTPC harnesses People Power”

  1. Vivek S Tipnis Says:

    As you indicated 15 Training centre for 235000 employees pl tell how many mandays targeted each employee evry year ?

    pl tell me how many Inhouse program ( Internal) evry year?
    How many External training program every year?

  2. Innovation management…

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  3. Vivek S Tipnis Says:

    pl give me employee breakup of staff and officer

    what is yearly target mandays for workman & Officer

    what is accident retio in NTPC

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